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Geothermal heating and cooling systems for northern minnesota. Fletcher heating and air corporation

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Northern Minnesota's Heating and Air Company
International Falls, Cook, Tower, Ely, Virginia, Chisholm, Hibbing
Our earth's interior - like the sun - provides heat energy from nature. This heat, geothermal energy - yields warmth that we can use without polluting the environment. Geothermal is easy on the land and reliable because of the earth's constant temperature. Today, with geothermal heat pumps, we take advantage of this stable earth temperature - about 45 - 58 degrees F just a few feet below the surface - to help keep our indoor temperatures comfortable.

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Fletcher Heating and Air provide:
  • High-efficiency heating and air conditioning systems that save energy and money.
  • Product systems and combos, 2 stage communicating furnaces, boilers and infloor heating, air cleaners for your home.
  • Customizable solutions to match your family's lifestyle and comfort level.